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Table of Contents

  • A Tribute to Donald Lowe by Li Xiaojiang, Tani Barlow, Paul Atkins, Sachi Schmidt, Claudia Pozzana, Anna Krylova, Chong Eun Ahn, Indranil Dutta, Wolfgang Kubin
  • Editor's Introduction by Tani Barlow
  • Art for October: Thai Cold War State Violence in Trauma Art by Sudarat Musikawong 
  • Unpacking the Archive: Ichthyology, Photography, and the Archival Record in Japan and Korea by Gyewon Kim
  • "Vegetarian between Meals": The Dalai Lama, War, and Violence by Barry Sautman 
  • The Double Scission of Mishima Yukio: Limits and Anxieties in the Autofictional Machine by Gavin Walker
  • Treacherous Translation: The 1938 Japanese-Language Theatrical Version of the Korean Tale Ch'unhyangjŏn by Serk-Bae Suh
  • The Birth of "Rok": Cultural Imperialism, Nationalism, and the Glocalization of Rock Music in South Korea, 1964–1975 by Pil Ho Kim and Hyunjoon Shin
  • Representation, Distribution, and Formation of Sexuality in the Photography of Araki Nobuyoshi by Hagiwara Hiroko
  • A City of Ten Years: Public/Private Internet Development in Nanhai by Jack Linchuan Qiu