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Table of Contents

  • The Obscene, Violent Supplement of State Power: Korean Welfare and Class Warfare in Interwar Japan by Ken C. Kawashima
  • A Taste of Class: Manuals for Becoming Woman by Stephanie Hemelryk Donald and Yi Zheng
  • Cultivating Citizens: Suzhi (Quality) Discourse in the PRC by Tamara Jacka
  • Suzhi, the Body, and the Fortunes of Technoscientific Reasoning in Contemporary China by Gary Sigley 
  • Governing China's Children: Governmentality and "Education for Quality" by T. E. Woronov
  • Of Quality, Harmony, and Community: Civilization and the Middle Class in Urban China by Luigi Tomba 
  • Suzhi on the Move: Body, Place, and Power by Wanning Sun 
  • In the Realm of the Indigenous: Local, National, and Global Articulations in Fishing Luck by Anita Wen-Shin Chang 
  • Surrogate Military, Subimperialism, and Masculinity: South Korea in the Vietnam War, 1965–73 by Jin-kyung Lee
  • Memory and Music in Okinawa: The Cultural Politics of War and Peace by James E. Roberson 
  • Residual Selves: Trauma and Forgetting in Park Chan-wook's Oldboy by Joseph Jonghyun Jeon