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Table of Contents

  • Guest Editor's Introduction: The Cultural "State" of Contemporary Taiwan by Christopher Lupke
  • Immanentism, Double Abjection, and the Politics of Psyche in (Post)Colonial Taiwan by Joyce C.H. Liu
  • Gendered Borders: The Historical Formation of Women's Nationality under Law in Taiwan by Chao-ju Chen 
  • Gallery of Taiwan Artists 

  • How Are Taiwanese Shanghaied? by Horng-Luen Wang
  • Genealogies of NGO - ness: The Culturla Politics of a Global Buddhist Movement in Contemporary Taiwan by C. Julia Huang 
  • Representation Crisis: History, Fiction, and Post – Martial Law Writers from the "Soldiers' Villages" by Peng Hsiao-yen
  • Engendering Victimhood: Women in Literature of Atrocity by Sylvia Li-chun Lin 
  • Cinema of Disillusionment: Chen Guofu, Cai Mingliang, and Taiwan's Second New Wave by Hsiu-Chuang Deppman