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Style Guide


All single manuscripts must be submitted to Editorial Manager for publication consideration. 

All manuscripts must be double-spaced, including quotations and endnotes, and should contain no references to the author's identity, including in the notes. Endnotes must use arabic numerals. Please number pages.

If there are images in your paper, please also submit a permissions log at the time of initial submission. Please see below for instructions. You need only apply for permission once the paper has been accepted.

Manuscripts must adhere to the positions style guide 2016 they will not be considered for publication.

Style change: from the start of volume 25 (2017), positions' style has changed to in-line citations with full reference list. Endnotes may still be used, but only as indicated in the style guide.

Always provide images as separate files in a graphics file format. DO NOT submit them pasted into the essay's Word document or a separate Word document. 

Where the image is to appear in the text, place a "call out" in the Word document eg [place FIG 1 here] in the manuscript and put the captions at the end, after references and notes.

Do not include the actual image in the text.

See also Art Guidelines. Download Duke University Press's Journal Art Guidelines here.


At manuscript submission you should also submit a permissions log, including the basic information about each image: item name, brief description and placement notes. Note, however, that you need only apply for permission if and when the paper is accepted for publication. Please type into the document rather than writing by hand.

Click HERE to download the Excel permissions log. There you will find: (1) instructions for use; (2) a sample permissions log; (3) a blank permissions log where you should enter the information about your images.

Note: Obtaining permissions for the images is solely the author's responsibility.  Authors need only apply for permission after acceptance of their paper.  Forms and Guidance are available from the Editorial Office at that stage.