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Table of Contents


  • Guest Editors' Introduction: Unpacking a Controversy: National Histories, Visual Cultures, and Digital Dissent by Jing Wang and Winnie Won Yin Wang
National Histories
  • Optical and Cognitive Illusions: The MIT Visualizing Cultures Controversy in Spring 2006 by Benjamin A. Elman
  • American Academic Freedom and Chinese Nationalism: An H-Asia Debate by Qin Shao
  • The Misplaced "Apology": Rethinking China's Internet Patriotism by Zhou Kui
  • The Multiple Contexts of Protest: Reflections on the Reception of the MIT Visualizing Cultures Project and the Anti-Right Japanese Demonstration in Shanghai by James Farrer

Visual Cultures

  • Lantern Slide Moments and the Taught Subject, 1906 and 2006 by Winnie Won Yin Wang
  • Image/Text::Text/Image by James L. Hevia
  • How Chinese Are You? Or, It Could Have Been Me by Tani Barlow
  • Textualizing Cultures: Thinking beyond the MIT Controversy by William A. Callahan

Digital Dissent

  • Go Baobao! Image-Driven Nationalism, Generation Post-1980s, and Mainland Students in Hong Kong by Jack Linchuan Qiu
  • Reframing the Visualizing Cultures Controversy: Let's Talk about the Digital Medium by Jing Wang
  • The Social in Media: Race, History, and the Visualizing Cultures Controversy at MIT by Ian Condry
  • Reflexive Digitization and the Role of the University by Guobin Yang


  • Interview with 2005-06 MIT CSSA President Huan Zhang
  • Note on Digital Sources