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Table of Contents


  • Guest Editor's Introduction by Lili Lai
  • How Does Superstition Become Intangible Cultural Heritage in Post-Socialist China? by Gao Bingzhong
  • From Metaphors of Empire to Enactments of State: Popular Religious Movements and Health in Rural North China by Mikkel Bunkenborg
  • Dissemination of Law and Access to Justice at the Village Level: A Case Study of Barefoot Lawyers in the Villages of China by Ying Xing
  • Everyday Hygiene in Rural Henan by Lili Lai
  • Grassroots Perspectives on Relocation: Threats and Opportunities by Anna Lora-Wainwright
  • "Black Land," "Sick Land," and Lost Land": Dianchi Xiaocun's Topography and the Problem of a Resistance Approach by Zhu Xiaoyang
  • Intangible Cultural Heritage and New Communities of Knowledge Production: An Analysis Based on Village Studies by Li Li