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Table of Contents


  • Editor's Introduction by Tani Barlow
  • Unarticulated Memories of the Battle of Okinawa: The Early Fiction of Second-Generation War Survivor Medoruma Shun by Kyle Ikeda
  • Phantasmagoric Manchukuo: Documentaries Produced by the South Manchurian Railway Company, 1932-1940 by Jie Li
  • Oyama and Anxieties about the Feminization of Japanese Film by James Reichert
  • Wushe, Literature, and Melodic Black Metal: The "Nonpolitics" of Wuhe and the "Political" ChthoniC by Christopher Payne
  • Fantasies of the End of the World: The Politics of Repetition in the Films of Kurosawa Kiyoshi by Baryon Tensor Posadas
  • Archipelagic Thought and Theory's Other: Traveling Theory in Japan by Dennitza Gabrakova
  • Voice, Liveness, Digital Video: The Talking Head in Contemporary Independent Chinese Documentary by Luke Robinson
  • Tenkô and Writing: The Case of Nakano Shigeharu by Yukiko Shigeto