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Table of Contents

  •  Editor's Introduction by Tani Barlow
  • Making Contact: Contingency, Fantasy, and the Performance of Impossible Intimacies in the Video Art of Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook by Arnika Fuhrmann
  • (Re-)Writing History of the Second World War: Forgetting and Remembering the Taiwanese-Native Japanese Soldiers in Postwar Taiwan by Shi-chi Mike Lan
  • "Kawaii" and "Moe" - Gazes, Geeks (Otaku), and the Glocalization of Beautiful Girls (Bi shōjo) in Hong Kong Youth Culture by Wai-hung Yiu and Alex Ching-shing Chan
  • Depoliticization through Cultural Policy and Intellectual Property Rights: The Case of Lijiang by Laikwan Pang
  • Clock Time, National Space, and the Limits of Guomindang Anti-imperialism by Brian Tsui
  • Rethinking Feminism in Colonial Korea: Kang Kyŏngae and 1930s Socialist Women's Literature by Sunyoung Park
  • Listening as a Labor of Love: Commerce, Community, and Little Saigon Radio by Minh-Ha T. Pham