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Table of Contents

  • Editor's Introduction by Tani Barlow
  • From The Social to the Political: 1920s Colonial Saigon as a "Space of Possibilities in Vietnamese Consciousness by Philippe Peycam
  • Writing Sǒkkuram: An Archaeology of Inscription around 1911 by Robert Oppenheim
  • I Speak in the Third Person: Women and Language in Colonial Vietnam by Ben Tran
  • Modernism, Hysteria, and the Colonial Double Bind: Pak T'aewŏn's One Day in the Life of the Author, Mr. Kubo by Christopher P. Hanscom
  • Sovereignty, Coinage, and Kinship in Early China by Jack W. Chen
  • Embodied Visions: Chinese Queer Experimental Documentaries by Shi Tou and Cui Zi'en by Qi Wang
  • Limits of Visibility: Taiwan's Tongzhi Movement in Mickey Chen's Documentaries by Guo-Juin Hong
  • Takahiko Iimura's Butoh Films: Cine-Dance in Anma (The Masseurs) and Rose Color Dance by Aaron Kerner
  • Critical Mediations: Haewŏn Chinhon Kut, a Shamanic Ritual for Korean "Comfort Women" by David J. Kim
  • What Could Have Happened to "Femininity" in Japanese Stagecraft: A Memorial Address to Yamada Isuzu (1917-2012) by Maki Isaka