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Table of Contents

  • Guest Editors' Introduction by Reiko Tomii and Midori Yoshimoto
  • "Art Is Something Born": The Rise and Fall of the Kokuga Society (1918-28) and the Emergence of the Kokuten Style by John Szostak
  • New Art Collectives in the Service of the War: The Formation of Art Organizations during the Asia-Pacific War by Maki Kaneko
  • Jikken Kōbō and Takiguchi Shūzō: The New Deal Collectivism of 1950s Japan by Miwako Tezuka
  • Gutai Chain: The Collective Spirit of Individualism by Ming Tiampo
  • Performance Collectives in 1960s Japan: With a Focus on the "Ritual School" by KuroDalaiJee
  • Authority, Autonomy, and the Early Taishō "Avant-Garde" by Alicia Volk
  • A Woman and Collectives: An Interview with Tabe Mitsuko by Midori Yoshimoto