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Table of Contents

  • Editor's Introduction by Tani Barlow
  • The Palimpsest Body and the Shifting Border: On Maggie Cheung's Two Crossover Films by Yiman Wang
  • The Suppressed in the Modern Urbanscape: Cultural Difference and Film in Singapore by C. J. Wan-ling Wee
  • A Unique Tradition of Materialism in Japan: Osugi Sakae, Tosaka Jun, and Uno Kozo by Katsuhiko Endo
  • Oriental Purity: Postcolonial Discomfort and Asian Values by Daniel Goh
  • The Modern Girl and the Vamp: Holly Film in Tanizaki Jun'ichirô Early Novels by Deborah Shamoon
  • The Horrific and the Exemplary: Public Stories and Education Reform in Late Socialist China by Teresa Kuan
  • The Avant-Garde Is Dead, Long Live the (Pop) Avant-Garde! Critical Reconfigurations in Contemporary Chinese Theatre by Rossella Ferrari
  • Imagining Irreconcilability: Cultural Differentiation through Human-Animal Relations in Late Qing Shanghai by Mark Swislocki
  • Strange Nuptials: Matthew Barney's Japan in Drawing Restraint 9 by Nancy Stalker