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Table of Contents


  • Guest Editors' Introduction: How Is Neoliberalism Good to Think Vietnam? How Is Vietnam Good to Think Neoliberalism? by Christina Schwenkel and Ann Marie Leshkowich
  • Neo-Geomancy and Real Estate Fever in Postreform Vietnam by Erik Harms
  • Civilizing the City: Socialist Ruins and Urban Renewal in Central Vietnam by Christina Schwenkel
  • Ho Chi Minh City's Beauty Regime: Haptic Technologies of the Self in the New Millennium by Nina Hien
  • Rendering Infant Abandonment Technical and Moral: Expertise, Neoliberal Logics, and Class Differentiation in Ho Chi Minh City by Ann Marie Leshkowich
  • Counting One's Way onto the Global Stage: Enumeration, Accountability, and Reproductive Success in Vietnam by Melissa J. Pashigian
  • From "the People" to "the Human": HIV/AIDS, Neoliberalism, and the Economy of Virtue in Contemporary Vietnam by Alfred Montoya
  • Enacting Anticorruption: The Reconfiguration of Audit Regimes in Contemporary Vietnam by Ken MacLean
  • The Price of Integration: Measuring the Quality of Money in Postreform Vietnam by Allison Truitt
  • Afterword: Flexible Postsocialist Assemblages from the Margin by Li Zhang