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Table of Contents


  • Editor's Introduction by Tani Barlow
  • "Memories of Underdevelopment" after Area Studies by Harry Harootunian
  • Populist Politics in Asian Networks: Positions for Rethinking the Question of Political Subjectivity by Rosalind C. Morris
  • positions and Positionalities: After Two Decades by Naoki Sakai
  • Traversing Thresholds Gallery 1
  • Advertising Ephemera and the Angel of History by Tani Barlow
  • Positioning positions in the Writing to the Future by Rolando B. Tolentino
  • Positioning Asia in a Global Future? An Example through Rethinking Finance by Jesook Song
  • Queer positions, Queering Asian Studies by Lisa Rofel
  • Traversing Thresholds Gallery 2
  • Asian Boundaries, Documentary Regimes, and the Politics Economy of the Personal by Tina Mai Chen
  • Reading as Watching: What We See and What We Get by Angela Zito
  • Buddhist Walking Meditation and Contemporary Art of Southeast Asia by Boreth Ly
  • A Dialogue on The Rise of Modern Chinese Thought: Liberating the Object and an Inquiry into the Modern by Wang Hui
  • Circumstance, Politics, and History, Reading Notes on Wang Hui's "General Introduction" to The Rise of Modern Chinese Thought by Claudia Pozzana and Alessandro Russo
  • Traversing Threshold Gallery 3

  • "A Relentlessly Productive Venue": Interview with Senior Editor, Tani Barlow by Rebecca Karl, Tom Lamarre, Claudia Pozzana, Alessandro Russo, Naoki Sakai, Jesook Song and Angela Zito
  • Ten Years of Queer Cinema in China by Norman Spencer
  • Is a New Internationalism Possible? by Wang Hui
  • The Return of the Repressed: Uncanny Space of Nostalgia and Loss in Trấn Anh Hùng's Cyclo by Christophe Robert
  • Traversing Thresholds - A Showcase of Contemporary Art from Across Asia, Curated and Conceptualized by Maya Kóvskaya