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Table of Contents

  • Guest Editor's Introduction by Petrus Liu and Lisa Rofel

Essays: Part I

  • Why Does Queer Theory Need China? by Petrus Liu
  • Imagined Concubinage by Ding Naifei
  • The Politics of Schadenfreude: Violence and Queer Cultural Critique in Lucifer Hung's Science Fiction by Amie Parry and Liu Jen-peng
  • From Glass Clique to Tongzhi Nation: Crystal Boys, Identity Formation, and the Politics of Sexual Shame by Hans Tao-Ming Huang


  • Obstacles to LGBT Human Rights Development in Taiwan by Chen Yu-Rong and Wang Ping (Translated by Petrus Liu)
  • An Interview with Shi Tou by Petrus Liu and Lisa Rofel
  • The Communist International of Queer Film by Cui Zi'en (Translated by Petrus Liu)

Essays: Part II

  • The Traffic in Money Boys by Lisa Rofel
  • The Queer Space of China: Expressive Desire in Stanley Kwan's Lan Yu by David L. Eng
  • Male Same-Sex Relations in Modern China: Language, Media Representation, and Law, 1900-1949 by Wenqing Kang
  • "I Am AIDS": Living with HIV/AIDS in China by Xiaopei He and Lisa Rofel
  • Queer Existence under Global Governance: A Taiwan Exemplar by Josephine Chuen-juei Ho