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Table of Contents

  • Introduction: What's Left of Asia by Yan Hairong & Daniel F. Vukovich
  • No Civlization/s: Unity and Continuity in Diversity, or, Multilateral and Entropic Paradigms for the World by Andre Gunder Frank
  • States, Markets and Capitalism, East and West by Giovanni Arrighi
  • Asian Women in Reregionalization by Tani E. Barlow
  • Screening Asia: Passing, Performative Translation and Reconfiguration by Yiman Wang
  • Blowing up a Double Portrait in Black and White: The Concept of Asia in the Writings of Fukuzawa Yukichi and Okakura Tenshin by Urs Matthias Zachmann
  • Speech Without Words by Han Yuhai

  • Asia as a Topos of Fear and Desire for Nazis and Extreme Rightists: The Case of Asian Studies in Sweden by Tobias Hübinette
  • Position Without Identity: An Interview with Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak (May 23, 2004) by Yan Hairong