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Table of Contents

  • Editor's Introduction by Tani Barlow
  • The Empire of Fame: Writing and the Voice in Early Medieval China by Hajime Nakatani
  • Circumventing the Evils of Colonialism: Yanaihara Tadao and Zionist Settler Colonialism in Palestine by John C. de Boer
  • The Making of a Cultural Icon for the Japanese Empire; Choe Seung-Hee's U.S. Dance Tour (1937-1940) and "New Asian Culture" in the 1930s and 1940s by Sang Mi Park
  • The National Allegory Revisited: Writing Private and Public in Contemporary Taiwan by Margaret Hillenbrand
  • Fantasizing What Happens When the Goods Get Together: Female Homoeroticism as Literary Trope by Julia Bullock
  • 'To Construct an Unknown China': Ethnoreligious Historiography in Zhang Chengzi's Islamic Fiction by Howard Y.F. Choy
  • Beauty Queens: Gender, Ethnicity, and Transnational Modernities of the Miss India U.S.A Pageant by Mani Bakirathi 
  • Flies' Eyes, Mural Remnants, and Jia Pingwa's Perverse Nostalgia by Carlos Rojas