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Table of Contents

  • Proletarian Arts in East Asia: Quests for National, Gender and Class Justice by Heather Bowen-Struyk (Guest Editor's Introduction)
  • Korean as Proletarian in Chang Hyak-chu's 'Hell of the Starving': A Close Reading by Sam Perry 
  • Revolutionary Flesh: Nakamoto Takako's Early Fiction and the Representation of the Body in Japanese Modernist and Proletarian Literature by Brian Bergstrom
  • Tales of Seduction: Factory Girls in Korean Proletarian Literature by Ruth Barraclough 
  • Whither the Nation in Japanese Proletarian Literature? Imagining an International Proletariat by Heather Bowen-Struyk
  • KAPF Literature in Modern Korean Literary History by Yoon-shik Kim
  • The Short Fiction of Yang Kui and Problematic Boundaries in Colonial Taiwan by Bert Scruggs
  • The Leftwing Drama Movement in China and its Relationship to Japan by Ping Liu 
  • The Echoes of Roar, China!: On Vision and Voice in Modern Chinese Art? by Xiaobing Tang
  • Japanese-Korean Exchange Within the Proletarian Visual Arts Movement by Emiko Kida