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Table of Contents

  • Editor's Introduction by Tani Barlow
  • Mahjong Politics in Contemporary China: Civility, Chineseness, and Mass Culture by Paul Festa
  • Family Breakdown and Invisible Homeless omen: Neo-liberal Governance during the Asian Debt Crisis in South Korea 1997-2001 by Jesook Song
  • Attracting the World's Attention: The Cultural Supplement in Shenzhen Municipality by Mary Ann O'Donnell 
  • Governmentality and the Aesthetic Stete: A Chinese Fantasia by Haiyan Lee
  • Eurasian Hybridity in Chinese Utopian Vision: From One World" to "A Society Based in Beauty" and Beyond by Emma Teng
  • The Colonial Origin of Korean Realism and Its Contemporary Manifestations by Sunyoung Park
  • Aesthetics, Dialectics and Desire in Yang Mo's Song of Youth by Peter Button 
  • My Films Reflect my Living Situation: An Interview with Tsai Ming-liang on Film Spaces, Audience, and Distribution by Shujen Wang and Chris Fujiwara