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Table of Contents

  • Magic and Modernity in China by Lai Kwan Pang
  • The Cult of "Love and Eugenics" in May Fourth Movement Discourse by Hiroko Sakamoto (translated by Rebecca Jennison)
  • The Monster Within: What Fu Manchu and Hannibal Lecter Can Tell Us About Terror and Desire in a Post-9/11 world by LHM Ling
  • Logics of the Multicultural and the Consumption of the Vietnamese Exotic in Japan by Ashley Carruthers
  • Princess Pari in Nora Okja Keller's Comfort Women by Kun Jong Lee
  • The Problem of Sovereignty: Manchukuo, 1932-1937 by Suk-Jung Han
  • Revolutionizing the Japanese Family in Miyamoto Yuriko's "The Family of Koiwai" by Heather Bowen-Struyck
  • Blessed are the Meateaters: Christian Anti-Vegetarianism and the Missionary Encounter with Chinese Buddhism by Eric Reinders
  • Fantasy and Ideology in a Chinese Film: A Zizekian Reading of the Cultural Revolution by Tonglin Lu
  • Questioning the Relationship between Consumption and Exchange: TheatreWork's Flying Circus Project December 2000 by Helena Grehan

  • Commentary: Body Politics in the SARS Crisis by Wang Minán (translated by Judith Farquhar and Lili Lai)