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Table of Contents

  • 1989 and the Historical Roots of Neo-Liberalism in China by Wang Hui (Translator: Rebecca Karl)
  • The Potential of the People, An Interview with Chayan Vaddhanaphuti by Celia Lowe 
  • On Kobayashi Yoshinori's On Taiwan by Marukawa Tetsushi (Translator: Davinder Bhowmik)
  • It Takes A Lot of Time, An Interview with Takeo Shigeki by Tani Barlow and Ruri Ito
  • A Message to the World by Shigeki Takeo
  • Not Really a Properly Intellectual Response, An Interview with Gayatri Spivak by Tani Barlow
  • Endangered Species Rule! by Cui Zi'en (Translator: Petrus Liu)
  • The Ruin Is Already a New Outcome, An Interview with Cui Zi'ien by Qi Wang

  • The Sacred, Profane, and Domestic in Cui Zi'en Cinema by Chris Berry
  • What Kind of Knowledge Do We Need? An Interview with Kin Chi Lau by Tani Barlow 
  • Why must we talk about the environment? A Summary of Nanshan Seminar by Han Shaogong, Huang Ping, Li Shaojun, Li Tuo, Wang Hongsheng, Wang Xiaoming, Chen Sihe, Chen Yangu (Translator: Hairong Yan)
  • Responsibility and Politics, An Interview with Mark Selden by Tani Barlow
  • Globalization and Graduate Students, An Interdisciplinary Graduate Forum with Dr. Vandana Shiva by Nayna Jhaveri