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Table of Contents

  • Korean Women: Poetry, Identity, Place, A Conversation with Kim Hye-sun by Don Mee Choi
  • Words of Warning: Global Networks, Asian local resistance and the planetary vulgate of neo-liberalism by Jamie Morgan 
  • Between Indeterminancy and Radical Critique: Madang-guk, Ritual, and Protest by Namhee Lee

  • China on the Verge of a "Monumentous Era" by Wang Xiaoming (translated by Robin Visser)
  • Rural Taste, Urban Fashions: The Cultural Politics of Rural/Urban Difference in Contemporary China by Lei Guang
  • Rural Women and Social Change in New China Cinema by Xiaobing Tang
  • Words and Images: A Conversation with Hou Hsiao-hsein & Chu Tien-wen by Michael Berry
  • A New Taiwan Person? Questions for Wu Nian-chen by DW Davis 
  • When You Are Related to the "Other": Relocating the Chinese homeland in Asian American politics through cultural tourism by Andrea Louie
  • Statistics for democracy: Economics as Politics by Laura Hein
  • Feminism: An Organic or an Extremist Position? On Tien Yee (Natural Justice) as Represented by He Zhen by Liu Huiying (translated by Yan Hairong)