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Table of Contents

  • Mammary Mania in Japan by Laura Miller
  • On Their Dress They Wore a Body: Fashion and Identity in Late Qing Shanghai by Paola Zamperini
  • Clothing and Power on the periphery of Empire: The Costumes of the Indigenous People of Taiwan by Henrietta Harrison
  • Proletarian White and Working Bodies in Mao's China by Tina Mai Chen
  • Yangzhou's "Modernity": Fashion and Consumption in the Early 19th Century World by Antonia Finnane
  • A Chronicle of Changing Clothes by Eileen Chang (translated and with introduction by Andrew F. Jones)
  • Refashioning Suzhou: Dress, Commodification, and Modernity by Peter Carroll
  • The Dual Consequences of Cultural Localization: How exposed short stockings subvert and sustain global cultural hierarchy by Matthew Chew
  • Making Fashion Work: Interview with Sophie Hong by Paola Zamperini