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Table of Contents

  • "Statue of a Dog" by Zhang Chengzhi (Translator: Andrew Jones)
  • Radical Ethnicity and Apocryphal History: reading the Sublime Object of Humanism in Zhang Chengzhi's Late Fictions by Jian Xu
  • Nostalgia for a (different) Asian modernity: Media Consumption of Ásia'in Japan by Koichi Iwabuchi 
  • On the Edge of Respectability: Sexual Politics on the Sino-Tibetan Frontier by Charlene Makley
  • The Space of Historical Discourse: Ishomoda Sho's Theory of the Heroic Age by Junichi Isomae (Translator: Richard Calichman)
  • Love at Last Sight by Bang Wang

  • The Child as History in Republican China: A Discourse on Development by Andrew Jones
  • From Wooden Cyborgs to Celluloid Souls; Mechanical Bodies in Anime and Japanese Puppet Theater by Christopher Bolton
  • Hallucinations and Coherence by John Cayley and Yang Lian



Cover Illustration:
"Developmental Order": A drawing by an eleven-year old girl.
From Huang Yi, The Psychology of Children's Drawings
(Shanghai Commercial Press, 1937), fig. 26