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Table of Contents

  • The Gender of Onnagata as the Imitating Imitated; Its Historicity, Performativity, and Involvement in the Circulation of Femininity by Maki Morinaga
  • Between Ethnicity and Modernity; Taiwanese Medical Students and Doctors underJapan's Kominka Campaign, 1936-1945 by Ming-Cheng Lo
  • How Did Chinese Medicine Become Experiential? The Political Epistemology of Jingyan by Sean Lei
  • Mori Ogai's Resentful Narrator: National  History and National Allegory in ''Maihime' by Christopher Hill
  • Sovereign Police and Knowledgeable Bodies: Liu Xiaobo's exilic critique of politics and knowledge by Jon Soloman
  • Tanizaki and the Enjoyment of Japanese Culturalism by Mimi Long
  • Citizenship, Cinema, and Culinary Communities: The Gastropoetics of South Asia by Parama Roy