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Table of Contents

  • Sumptuous Repast: The 1964 Tokyo Olympics Arts Festival by Noriko Aso 
  • The Postwar Documentary Trace: Groping in the Dark by Abe Mark Nornes
  • Competing Publics: Citizen Groups, Mass Media and the State in the 1960s by Wesley Sasaki-Uemura
  • The Politics of Loss: On Eto Jun by Ann Sherif

  • State v. (Anti) Art; Model 1,000-Yen Note Incident by Akasegawa Genpei and Company by Reiko Yomii
  • A Salon for the Soul: Nakai Masakazu and  the Postwar Hiroshima Culture Movement by Leslie Pincus
  • The Unfinished Business of Mourning: Maruyama Masoa, and the Postwar Japanese Struggles with the Wartime Past by Yoshikuni Igarashi
  • Politics, Culture and the Public Sphere by Geoff Eley