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Table of Contents

  • The Chinese 'Popular': Agendas and Methodologies by Jing Wang
  • Making a Name and a Culture for the Masses in Modern China by Li Hsiao-t'i
  • 'Culture' as Leisure and 'Culture as Capital' by Jing Wang
  • For Your Reading Pleasure: Self-Health (Ziwo baojian) Information in 1990s Beijing by Judith Farquhar
  • Re-Advertising Hong Kong: Nostalgia Industry and Popular History by Eric Kit-Wai Ma
  • Behind Global Spectacle and National Image-Making by Dai Jinhua
  • A Poetics and Politics of Possession: Taiwanese Spirit-Medium Cults and Autonomous Popular Cultural Space by Peter Nickerson 
  • World Heritage, National Culture, and the Restoration of Chengde by James L. Hevia
  • Contending the 'Popular': Party-State and Culture by David S.G. Goodman
  • Government from Below: The State, the Popular, and the Illusion of Autonomy by Ralph Litzinger
  • What is Wanting by Tani Barlow