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Table of Contents

  • Perversions of Masculinity: The Masochistic Male Subject in Yu Dafu, Guo Maruo, and Freud by Jing Tsu
  • Nothing Resists Modernity: On Takeuchi Yoshimi's "Kindai towa Nanika" by Richard Calichman
  • Shanghai Nostalgia: Postrevolutionary Allegories in Wang Anyi's Literary Production in the 1990s by Xudong Zhang
  • Scenes of Misrecognition: Maternal Citizenship in the Age of Transnational Adoption by Ann Anagnost
  • Between the "Technique of Living an Endless Routine"and the "Madness of Absolute Degree Zero": Japanese Identity and the Crisis of Modernity in the 1990s byYumiko Iida
  • Literary History Against the National Frame, or Gender and the Emergence of Heian Kana Writing by Tomiko Yoda

  • Ethnic Engineering: Scientific Racism and Public Opinion Surveys in Midcentury Japan by Tessa Morris-Suzuki
  • Opening a Minor Genre of Resistance in R eform China: Scream, Dream, and Transgression in a Workplace by Pun Ngai

  •  Four Poems by Ko Un

  • Zen Poetry and Realism: Reflections on Ko un's Verse by Paik Nak-chung
  • Interview with Tsai Ming-liang by Richard Calichman