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Table of Contents

  • Homestyle Vinaya and Docile Boys in Chinese Buddhism by Alan Cole
  • Searching for the Lost Wings of the Angel by Chen Xue
  • Chen Xue's Queer Tactics by Fran Martin
  • Translating Worlds: Incommensurability and Problems of Existence in Seventeenth-Century China by Roger Hart
  • Tanigawa Gan's Politics of the Margins of Kyushu and Nagano by Wesley Sasaki-Uemura
  • Meanings of China's Cultural Revolution: Memoirs of Exile Interview by Peter Zarrow
  • Interview with Feng Xiaogang by Michael Keane and Tao Dongfeng
  • Ambiguity, Absurdity, and Self-Creation in the Art of Ma Liuming by Maranatha Ivanova
  • Slavery or Work? Reconceptualizing Third World Prostitution by Kamala Kempadoo
  • Swan and Spider Eater in Problematic Memoirs of Cultural Revolution by Shuyu Kong
  • Writing Orally: Decolonization from Below by Venkant Rao