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Table of Contents

  • The Bomb, Hirohito, and History: Foundational Narratives of U.S.-Japan Postwar Relations by Yoshikuni Igarashi
  • Minshushi As Critique of Orientalist Knowledges by Takashi Fujitani
  • The Displacement and Museum Representation of Aboriginal Culture by Hai Ren
  • The War on Jazz, or Jazz Goes to War: Toward a New Cultural Order in Wartime Japan by E.Taylor Atkins
  • Retheorizing the Personal; Identity, Writing, and Gender in Yu Luojin's Autobiographical Act by Lingshen Wang
  • "Chinese Society," Coffee-Shop Talk, Possessing Gods: The Politics of Public Space among the Diasporic Chinese in Malaysia by Donald M. Nanini
  • Same Bed, Different Dreams: Intersections of Ethnicity, Gender, and Sexuality among Middle-Class Chinese Immigrants in Bangkok by Jiemin Bao