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Table of Contents

  • The Republic of Wine: An Extravaganza of Decline by Xiaobin Yang
  • Robert Redfield's Comparative Civilizations Project and the Political Imagination of Postwar America by Andrew Sartori
  • The World Conception of Japanese Social Science: The Koza Faction, the Otsuka School, and the Uno School of Economics by Sugiyama Mistunobu
  • Consuming Passions: Spectacle, Self-Transformation, and the Commodification of Blackness in Japan by John G. Russell
  • The Probable Defeat: Preliminary Notes on the Chinese Cultural Revolution by Alessandro Russo
  • "From Modernity to Chineseness": The Rise of Nativist Cultural Theory in Post-1989 China by Ben Xu
  • PRC Cultural Studies and the Cultural Criticism in the 1990s by Wang Hu