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Table of Contents

  • Contingent Nationalisms in Korean and Korean American Women's Oppositional Struggles by Helen Heran Jun
  • Moments of Danger in the (Dis)continuous Relation of Korean and Korean American Nationals by Min-Jung Kim
  • Si(gh)ting Asian/American Women as Transnational Labor by Laura Hyung Yi Kang
  • Christian Ecumenical Representation of the Asian Sex Tour Industry, Or 'Amazing Grace, Come Sit on My Face' by Eliza Noh
  • Theorizing Transnational Sexualities: Nostalgia, Desire, Diaspora by Gayatri Gopinath
  • The 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act: An 'End' to Exclusion? by Eithne Luibheid
  • New Formations of Asian American Studies and the Question of U.S. Imperialism by Oscar V. Campomanes
  • Pedagogies of Life and Death: Transforming Immigrant/Refugee Students and Asian American Studies by Peter Kiang
  • The Development of a South Asian American Labor Organization: An Examination of Identity-Based Organizing by Anuradha G. Advani
  • Representing Reconciliation: Le Ly Hayslip and the Victimized Body by Viet Thanh Nguyen
  • Making and Marketing 'Difference': Filipino Stores in Southern California by Enrique Bonus