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Table of Contents

  • War and Apology: Japan, Asia, the Fiftieth, and After by Norma Field
  • Revisiting the Issue of Korean "Military Comfort Women": The Question of Truth and Positionality by Hyunah Yang
  • History and Memory: The "Comfort Women" Controversy by Hyung Sook Kim
  • Japanese Reparations Policies and the "Comfort Women" Question by Won Soon Park
  • The Licensed Prostitution System and the Prostitution Abolition Movement in Modern Japan by Fujime Yuki
  • Japanese Colonial Rule and State-Managed Prostitution: Korea's Licensed Prostitutes by Son Young-ok
  • The Origin and Development of the Military Sexual Slavery Problem in Imperial Japan by Chin Sun Chung
  • They Are Our Grandmas by Dai Sil Kim-Gibson
  • Artwork by former comfort women by Kang Tok-kyong and Kim Sun-dok
  • Artwork by Japanese artists by Tomiyama Taeko and Shimada Yoshiko

  • Artwork by Korean American artists by Yong Soon Min and Sasha Y. Lee

  • Conversation: An Autonomous Subject's Long Waiting, Coexistence by Oe Kenzaburo and Kim Chi-ha
  • A Letter to Mr. Kim Chi-Ha; or, The Pain of the Split Self by Suh Kyung-sik