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Table of Contents

  • Spring, Temporality, and History in Li Dazhao by Claudia Pozzana
  • Spring by Li Dazhao
  • Constructing Perry's "Chinaman" in the Context of Adorno and Benjamin by D.R. Howland
  • Colonialism and the Sciences of the Tropical Zone: The Academic Analysis of Difference in the "the Island Peoples" by Tomiyama Ichiro
  • "And They Would Again": Women and Struggle in Korean Nationalist Literature by You-me Park
  • Dreaming of Better Times: "Repetition with a Difference" and Community Policing in China by Michael Dutton
  • "Who am I?"-Questions of Voluntarism in the Paradigm of "Socialist Alienation" by Jing Wang
  • Interpreting Revolutionary Excess: The Naxalite Movement in India, 1967-71 by Sanjay Seth
  • Marxism, Anti-Americanism, and Democracy in South Korea: An Examination of Nationalist Intellectual Discourse by Gi-Wook Shin
  • Capitalism and Perversion: Reflections on the Fetishism of Excess in the 1980s by Bill Pietz
  • Surving in "The Chess King": Toward a Post-Revolutionary Nation-Narration by Gang Yue
  • Aesthetics and Chinese Marxism by Liu Kang
  • Marxism, Asia, and the 1990s by Bill Brugger
  • Reflections on Migratory Discourses in the Age of Transnational Capital by Rajeswari Mohan