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Table of Contents

  • Nuclear Enchantment by Patrick Nagatani
  • The Fate of "Mr. Science" in China: The Conception of "Science" and Its Application in Modern Chinese Thought by Wang Hui
  • The Translator Transfigured: Lin Shu and the Cultural Logic of Writing in the Late Quing by Hu Ying
  • The Scandal of Inequality: Koutou as Signifier by James L. Hevia
  • "Face: An Adaptable Discourse of Social Surfaces by Andrew Kipnis
  • The Trope of "Mainland China" in Taiwan's Media by Shu-mei Shih
  • Zeelandia by Yang Mu
  • Mourning the Nation: Ruins of the the North in Seoul by Roy Richard Grinker
  • Nakagami Kenji's Mystic Writing Pad; or, Tracing Origins, Tales of the Snakes and the Land as Matrix by Nina Cornyetz
  • Invisible Women: Contemporary Chinese Cinema and Women's  Film by Dai Jinhua