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Table of Contents

  • Transgressions of the Everyday: Stories of Mother-San Incest in Japanese Popular Culture by Anne Allison
  • Judenzopf/Chisensenzopf: Of Jews and and Queues by Jay Geller
  • Chart (poem) by Myung Mi Kim
  • In the Scopic Regime of Discover: Ishikawa Takuboku's Diary in Roman Script and the Gendered Premise of Self-Identity by Charles Inouye
  • The Violence of the Text: Reading Yu Hua and Shi Zhecun by Andrew F. Jones
  • Engendering Chinese Filmic Discourse of the 1930s: Configurations of Modern Women in Shanghai in Three Silent Films by Yingjin Zhang
  • AIDS Panic in Japan, or How to Have a Sabbatical in an Epidemic by John Treat

Roundtable on Marxism and Cultural Studies, part II

  • Positioning positions: For a New International Localism of Cultural Studies by Kuan-Hsing Chen