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Table of Contents

  • Making Time: Historic Preservation and the Space of Nationality by Marshall Johnson
  • Writing Double Over, Broken: Provisional Names, Acrostic Poems, and the Perpetual Contest of Doubles in Heian Japan by Thomas LaMarre
  • "Greater China:" The Contest of a Term by Stephen Uhalley Jr.
  • Declassifying Nguyen Huy Thiep by Peter Zinoman
  • Oriental Antiquities/Far Eastern Art by Craig Clunas
  • Historians' Warp: Problems in Textualizing the Intellectual History of Modern China (review essay); A conversation with Kobayashi Masaki by Lung-kee Sun
  • Against Nostalgia: The Photo Image of Tseng Kwong Chi by Donald M. Lowe

Roundtable on Marxism and Cultural Studies

  • Enough Said, Ahmad: Politics and Literary Theory by John Lie
  • Transnational Feminist Cultural Studies: Beyond the Marxism/Poststructuralism/Feminism Divides by Caren Kaplan and Inderpal Grewal
  • Marx after Marxism: History, Subalternity, and Difference by Dipesh Chakrabarty