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Table of Contents

  • The Idea of Korean National Literature, Then and Now by Paik Nak-chung
  • "Crying Out for Fingerprints" and "Maybe" (poems) by Pak No-hae
  • The Nationscape: Movement in the Field of Vision by Ann Anagnost
  • The Making of Imperial Subjects in Okinawa by Alan S. Christy
  • Beyond Envy, Boredom, and Suffering: Toward an Emancipatory Politics for Resident Koreans and Other Japanese by Norma Field
  • "Dream Revelations" (poems) by Takara Ben
  • The Revenge of the Illegal Asians: Aliens, Gangsters, and Myth in Kon Satoshi's World Apartment Horror by David Pollack
  • Contending with Primordialism: The "Modern" Construction of Postcolonial Singapore by C.J.W.-L.Wee
  • On the Edge of Empires: Flexible Citizenship among Chinese in Diaspora by Aihwa Ong
  • Bifurcating Linear History: Nation and Histories in China and India by Prasenjit Duara



  • Narratives of History in the Cinematography of Hou Xiaoxian by Li Tuo

  •  Reenvisioning the Institution of Modern Chinese Literature Studies: Strategies of Positionality and Self-Reflexivity by Yingjin Zhang