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    Table of Contents

  • The Last Emporium: Verse and Cultural Space by Ackbar Abbas
  • Six Poems by Leung Ping-kwan
  • Remembering Pearl Harbor, Forgetting Charlie Chaplin, and the Case of the Disappearing Western Warman: A Picture Story by Miriam Silverberg
  • The Discourse of Decolonization and Popular Memory: South Korea by Chungmoo Choi

  • The Subaltern Talks Back: Reflections of Subaltern Theory and Chinese History by Gail Hershatter
  • In the Country of Dreams and Dust by Russell Leong
  • Translingual Practice: The Discourse of Individualism between China & the West by Lydia H. Liu
  • Writing Out Asia: Modernity, Canon, and Natsume Saseki's Kokoro by James A. Fujii
  • Colonialism's Career in Postwar China Studies by Tani E. Barlow


  • Open Letter to Su Shaozhi by Li Xiaojiang
  •  Postmodernity and Postcoloniality by Donald M. Lowe